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In research undertaken by BMI, on 'Top Sponsors' views of Sports Marketing, some 74% of companies say that sponsorships are an integral part of their company and brand strategy and 67% of organisations make use of sport management companies to achieve their sponsorship goals.

Of the 60 top sponsors surveyed, 93% are aware of MEGAPRO, which places us at the top of the 'Awareness' ranking. In addition, MEGAPRO was rated the overall Leading Sports Marketing Company in South Africa.

BMI Top 100 Sponsors Report, January 2007

Effective as of 31 August 2009, William Kirsh will no longer be the CEO of Primedia (Pty) Ltd.

The new Primedia CEO has been announced as Kuben Pillay. Kuben Pillay was acting CEO for three months last year when William Kirsh went on long leave, and for six yearís heís headed the advertising business. Kuben Pillayís story is a journey from student activist to human rights lawyer to chairman at MIC, executive at Primedia and now the head of the diversified media group. His style is not top-down, itís consensual, reflecting his union background.

Harnessing the passion and power of sport

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As leaders in the sports marketing business, MEGAPRO provides opportunities to reach and communicate effectively with specific target audiences on a variety of levels.

MEGAPRO leads in the development and promotion of impactful and innovative products and rights and has unmatched access to sport in South Africa.

We use the emotive appeal of sport to meet specified marketing objectives - tapping into our marketing intelligence and experience to ensure the development of successful client portfolios in the exciting commercial world of sport.

MEGAPRO is committed to ensuring that marketing investments in sport are closely monitored and directed to ensure they deliver the desired results.

With primary access to the vast majority of sporting audiences across the country, our national footprint combines local area expertise with country-wide capabilities.

Tapping into the power of the Primedia Group

In 1995, MEGAPRO joined Primedia, falling under the umbrella of Primedia Sport.

Primedia Sport has achieved significant scale in the Sport Marketing arena by acquiring companies that support and advance the commercialisation and reach of sporting properties and events. Recent acquisitions include Signet Licensing (Sport Licensing), Warwick Hospitality (Sport Hospitality and Events), Megaview (Rental of LED Screens and trailers at events) and MatchWorld (Sponsorship Management)

The subsidiaries of Primedia Sport are synchronized in such a way as to support end-to-end business interaction, resulting in synergistic client service offerings.